Suspension Systems

Integral to a car’s performance.

Blackhorse Tyres know that a vehicle’s suspension systems can’t be taken for granted. It is an integral part of a vehicle’s performance. Properly aligned steering and suspension can help deliver a smooth and controlled ride. Blackhorse Tyres offers quality affordable auto repair services with suspension systems. Reinforcing several tons of machinery year on year, at some point  the suspension will wear out and suspension maintenance will be needed. Suspension is a lot more than just having a smooth ride, and therefore these repairs aren’t as important as other maintenance issues like oil changes, electric or tyres. However, having a bad suspension can greatly affect your ability to control the vehicle, especially when stopping or turning, so it’s in your best interestnot to ignore this part of auto maintenance.

The steering and suspension system needs to be examined at least yearly to avoid significant repairs. Any time you feel indicators of steering or suspension complications have your mechanic evaluate your automobile to deal with the issue rapidly. Long term steering and suspension issues will cause extreme safety dangers quickly.

 The team at Blackhorse Tyres know the tell tale signs of this type of problem.

1. Uncomfortable car rides.

When you can feel every little bump and jilt in the road when in a car, then you know your suspension needs attention by a professional mechanic.

 2. Front of the vehicle starts to dip when braking.

A car’s ability to stop quickly is reduced by up to 20% when the suspension needs to be replaced. If you can feel the body of the car jerk forward when braking suddenly the problem is with the suspension.


3. Tire tread inconsistency.

If you notice any uneven amounts of tread wearing or patches of balding on the tyre that is a sign of an uneven amount of pressure on the tyre. Examine the tyres for a few moments yourself. Bare tyre treads are easy to spot and another sign that the suspension is at fault.


4. Fluid covered suspension.

Damaged leaking suspension that appears greasy is a sign they are now incapable of working properly and replacing them is a necessity. This is more difficult to see as you would need to get under the vehicle to take a look.