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Professional Tyre And Vehicle Maintenance

Professional Tyre And Vehicle Maintenance

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Blackhorse Tyres staff have valuable experience and outstanding qualifications in tyre sales, car repair and maintenance. Complete Safety Analysis, Drivability Problems, Tune-ups, Oil Changes, Brake repair specialists, Mufflers and Exhaust Systems, Steering and Suspensions, 3D Wheel Alignments, Fuel System Services, Coolant Systems, Emission Repair Facility, Air Conditioning Service, Electrical Systems, Fleet Maintenance and professional Engine Work.

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Professional Tyre And Vehicle Maintenance
Professional Tyre And Vehicle Maintenance

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Blackhorse Tyres have provided some useful links for you that may be of interest to the car enthusiast, Motorsport fan or for those who have an interest in tyre ratings in order to know what’s hot and what’s not!

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Professional Tyre And Vehicle Maintenance

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Blackhorse Auto Repair Centres are leading stockists of top brand tyres such as Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Constance, Dunlop, Avon and Blacklion. We stock new quality tyres for the majority of makes and models and our branch staff can recommend the best tyre for your vehicle. The tyre you need depends greatly on the kind of car you drive and the type of driving you do. Blackhorse Tyres have hundreds of used tyres for many different makes and models of vehicles. Buying used and part worn tyres is a great way to save money, rather than paying full price for brand new tyres. Often used tyres still have plenty of legal tread left and can last for months, even years at a fraction of the price of brand new tyres. With our part worn tyres you can make from 7,000 kilometres up to 15,000 kilometres. It depends on size, quality and brand.

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Professional Tyre And Vehicle Maintenance
Professional Tyre And Vehicle Maintenance

Mandatory Test For Vehicles

The NCT is a compulsory vehicle inspection programme in Ireland. The primary aim of this programme which falls under the EU Directive 2014/45, is to improve road safety and enhance environmental protection by reducing harmful vehicles emissions in Ireland. The National Car Testing Service operates under the Road Traffic (National Car Test) Regulations 2017, S.I. Regulations 415 of 2017.

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