Lights & Electrics

Complex electrics need checking

A vehicles wiring system can be a complex thing. It is very difficult to deduce what is wrong just by looking at it or hearing what is wrong. Even with the newest technology it is sometimes very hard to find out the problem with car electrics if it has to do with the wiring. Even the computers they hook them up to have a hard time getting right to the problem. When they disassemble the wiring, they have to make sure theyput it right back the way it was. One little wire hooked up the wrong way will have it blowing a fuse or even something could blow up, causing serious injury. Blackhorse Tyres offer electric system checks ups that can help extend the life of the system.  

Batterys: Almost every driver understands that their vehicle will have difficulty starting, or outright refuse to start if the battery is faulty. Problems here can range from a shorted wire to bad connection to the battery, or even a dead battery. Jumping to conclusions here can be a serious waste of time and resources. By taking the time to inspect the problem before replacing the battery, the Blackhorse Tyres team will make certain you are getting what you need to have the problem solved.

Wiring: Working with the wiring of a vehicle can quickly turn into a nightmare if the technician is not experienced with the best practices of the job. Usually this means a great deal of painstaking troubleshooting and working through the possibilities before work begins. 

Sensors: A bad sensor often results in a check engine light. Jumping straight to the emissions systems without first checking the sensor is a mistake that often returns to haunt the customer with a returning check engine light 50 miles after driving away. Not only is this annoying, but it constitutes a failure on the part of the technician for due diligence.

With your Lights & Electrics let the team at Blackhorse Tyres do a complete electric systems check on your vehicle if you feel that you have any problems with your vehicle’s wiring.