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Part Worn Tyres

Blackhorse Tyres have hundreds of used tyres for many different makes and models of vehicles. Buying used and part worn tyres is a great way to save money, rather than paying full price for brand new tyres. Often used tyres still have plenty of legal tread left and can last for months, even years at a fraction of the price of brand new tyres. With our part worn tyres you can make from 7,000 kilometres up to 15,000 kilometres. It depends on size, quality and brand. Remember, not all branded tyres depreciate with the same mileage. Normally manufacturing of new tyres gives around 25000km to customers who are making more than than 20,000 kilometres per year. We always recommend to buy new tyres incase if that tyre costs more than €100, it’s better to go for branded part worn tyres then you can save money. Buying used tyres is a great way to save money over the price of brand new tyres. When one of your tyres is damaged, or you fail an NCT, sometimes the cheapest alternative is to purchase partly worn tyres to keep you on the road. For some, replacing performance and luxury car top of the range tyres can be very costly. Used tyres allow you to purchase the same great quality tyres, with often minimal wear at a fraction of the price. No matter what type of vehicle you have, used tyres can really drive down the price of your replacements and keep you on the road at times when buying brand new may not be cost effective.

Part Worn Tyres

Numbers And Characters

Many tyres have a somewhat bewildering array of markings (letters and numbers) on them. This article will ensure you fully understand how to research and buy tyres for your vehicle.

Part Worn Tyres
What do the numbers on tyres mean?

On each tyre, you will usually find a series of numbers and letters that look something like this: 195/55R/16/91H. Each of these digits/letters represents something different and provides important information. When it comes to how to read tyre size, the first five digits of the code are the ones to concentrate on. The first three digits belong together and indicate the width of the tyre (in millimetres). In the example above, the tyre is 195mm wide.The two digits following the first slash are what is known as the aspect ratio. Essentially this is the height of the tyre as a percentage of the width. So, in the example, the tyre has an aspect ratio of 55, meaning the profile height is 55% of its total width (107.25mm).

What do tyre sizes mean?

It is important to know exactly what is meant by tyre size. The code that is found on the tyres gives more than just the basic size. The size elements are essentially the tyre’s height and width. Tyre sizes will also vary depending on the type of vehicle i.e. van and lorry tyres tend to be larger/chunkier than car tyres.

Buying new types or changing them?

When it comes to replacing tyres, you can either stick with what you have (although perhaps a newer version), or you can try something different. This really depends on whether you are happy with the performance of your current tyres or you want something different (perhaps sportier).
You can use an online tyre size calculator to see whether the size that you are considering will fit your vehicle. But this is only a rough guide and it is key to stay within the sizing tolerances of your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s guideline. Tyres that are the wrong size can result in the steering wheel pulling, rubbing against the suspension, reduced clearance or a noisier ride than usual. If you’re considering changing to different sized tyres, you should first establish whether they are the right fit for your vehicle in terms of suspension, gearing and bodywork.

How often should you check tyre pressure?

Keeping your tyres at the right pressure is crucial, for your vehicle’s safety systems and to give you comfortable and economical driving. But it’s also a legal requirement and not having the correct car tyre pressure can have serious consequences. As a guide you should check your tyre pressures at least once a month, and before long journeys. Ignoring this advice runs the risk of decreasing your grip and increasing your braking distances. You could also damage your tyres reduce their lifespan and increase your fuel consumption.

What is PSI?

Tyre pressures are measured in PSI – pounds per square inch. That’s the number you’ll find in your car or bike handbook that you punch into the air line on the garage forecourt. Even tyres that are fitted correctly and are in good condition, will lose up to 2 PSI a month. And while safety comes first, wrongly inflated tyres will also bump up your fuel bill. Bumps in the road will become more evident, with the ride will becoming noticeably less smooth. The same rules apply even to premier tyres, such as Pirelli or Bridgestone, if they’re being used at the wrong pressure.

When do I need to replace my tyres?

If your tyre shows obvious signs of damage or the tread is worn, then you’ll need to replace it as quickly as possible. But there are other reasons you may need a new set of tyres sooner rather than later: Signs of ageing including warped tread and crazed sidewalls Poor wet braking performance. We recommend booking into your local Protyre garage as soon as possible and having our qualified fitters take care of it.


Bobby Vance

Can’t fault them. Rang up at 2 o’clock and they didn’t have suitable tires in stock but arranged them for the next day. Was in and out very quickly and the lads were very friendly. Great value to.

Jan Carroll

Fantastic service, so fast, very friendly & helpful, I went in on my lunch break after getting a nail in my tire. Fixed in 5 mins & cost €5. Took my spare tire off and put it neatly back in my boot that had loads of stuff in the way, without me having to ask, really happy cause I wanted to stay clean for going back to work. Ill be going back to them to get work done on my brakes next.

Uniq Adventures

Very honest, very nice and helpful people offering various options depending on what you need and quick at getting the job done. Fantastic prices as well. Got my tires last week and drove to the west coast and back on windy rainy roads and could feel the difference! Highly recommended and will definitely go back to them.

Dallas Hansson

I thought I had a slow puncture so the lads inspected the tyre for me and confirmed that it was fine. They didn’t even charge me! 10/10. I will definitely return when I need new tyres.

Catherine Doyle

Lads here are great they didn’t have my brand of new tyres on the day I was there but they could have ordered them in. I had nct the next day so go 2 size 14 part worn tyres and they were only €30 each. Bargain and will do for a while.

Aidan Hyland

Super fast service to repair my slow pumpture and replace a new tyre. In and out in 20 mins. All for 40 euro. Can’t ask for more. Highly recommended!

Adrienne Walsh

Got my car serviced of these mechanics. They did a great job. Would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a good job done. Great bunch of lads.

Alan Malone

Fantastic experience couldn’t rate them high enough for there honesty and professionalism I will definitely going back to them in the future.