Pre N.C.T. and D.O.E. Service



Things you should know.



1 - Know the dates

The NCT test is mandatory for cars more than three years old with cars aged between four and ten years old requiring testing every two years. Cars older

than ten must undergo an annual test.With the average age of cars in the Irish fleet being 8.83 years it is likely your car will be tested every second year. Unlike

Motor Tax however, National Car Testing Centres (NCTS) do not auto-notify you when your NCT is due to be renewed;you have to book the test yourself.

This can be done up to 90 days before your certificate is due to expire.


2 - Clean the car.

Blackhorse Tyres will make sure that items to be tested are clean.The lights, windows, mirrors and registration plates in particular are clear and undamaged.



3 - Check your lights.

Some modern cars make life difficult when it comes to replacing bulbs, but blown lights is an instant failure so there really is no excuse.

With the engine running, all indicator bulbs are checked, dipped and high beam headlights checked, parking lights front and rear checked, lighting of the

rear number plate checked, fog lights and brake lights checked. Blackhorse Tyres will adjust headlight alignment also.



4 - Top up fluids.

Fluids are topped up properly and checked. That includes oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windscreen wash.



5 - Don't ignore warning signs.

 The majority of cars that fail the NCT do so because of suspension issues. That knocking or pulling to the left you havebeen

ignoring can be checked out by Blackhorse Tyres also. Likewise, if there are any illuminated warning lights on the dashboard it is time to visit Blackhorse

Tyres. Warning lights for the likes of airbags are an instant failure while NCTS may not even conduct the test if the engine management light is showing.



6 - Inspect your tyres.

 Since April 2010 all cars presenting for NCT must have 'E' stamped tyres. These have been certified to comply with EU and other

international tyre safety certification standards. Due to this rule finding non 'E' stamped tyres in Ireland isdifficult, but if you have purchased part worn tyres

they may have come from outside of the EU and therefore not be stamped. Blackhorse Tyres will enspect your tyres for damage or bulging and replace

them if necessary. Tyres must be the same size across the front or back axles. The rear tyres can be a different size from the front but the ones on the front

must match up. Tread depth must be checked also; the legal limit is 1.6mm depth across the middle of the tyre, butreally, if they are that low, it is time to

change them anyway. The tread depth should only be measured when thetyres have been properly inflated.



7 - Final car checks.

Blackhorse Tyres will make sure that the wheel nuts are visible as the NCTS demands this. Wipers are checked and blades can be replaced if necessary.