Part Worn Tyres



Low cost quality used tyres.



Blackhorse Tyres have hundreds of used tyres for many different makes and models of vehicles. Buying used and part worn tyres is a great way to save

 money, rather than paying full price for brand new tyres. Often used tyres still have plenty of legal tread left and can last for months, even years at a fraction

 of the price of brand new tyres.


With our part worn tyres you can make from 7,000 kilometres up to 15,000 kilometres. It depends on size, quality and brand. Remember, not all branded tyres

 depreciate with the same mileage. Normally manufacturing of new tyres gives around 25000km to customers who are making more than than 20,000 kilometres

per year. We always recommend to buy new tyres incase if that tyre costs more than €100, it's better to go for branded part worn tyres then you can

save money.


Buying used tyres is a great way to save money over the price of brand new tyres. When one of your tyres is damaged, or you fail an NCT, sometimes the

cheapest alternative is to purchase partly worn tyres to keep you on the road. For some, replacing performance and luxury car top of the range tyres can be

very costly. Used tyres allow you to purchase the same great quality tyres, with often minimal wear at a fraction of the price. No matter what type of vehicle

you have, used tyres can really drive down the price of your replacements and keep you on the road at times when buying brand new may not be cost effective.