Exhaust and Muffler Repairs



Guiding toxic gases away generated by engines.



The purpose of a car's exhaust system is to guide the toxic gases generated by engine away from the car and to reduce the noise created by the engine.

One of the most common reasons exhaust systems break is due to rusting ofthe metal from which exhaust boxes and pipes are made from.


Blackhorse Tyres use an aluminised steel to combat the problem of exhausts rusting, rather than the mild steels commonly used. We can order exhausts for

cars of every make and model. Another common cause of exhaust breakage is through impact with the road, speed bumps or kerbs. Often exhausts that have

broken in this way don't need to be replaced. Blackhorse Tyres can repair damaged exhaust systems.


Using our welding equipment and years of experience, we can patch up or fabricate replacements for the broken parts at a fraction of the cost of replacing

the entire exhaust box. The welding we produce is the highest quality welds around that will ensure you get the maximum life fr your exhaust system.

Blackhorse Tyres are specialists in exhausts and catalytic converters. We do everything from replacements exhaust boxes, catalytic converters and flexi-pipes

for any makeand model of car to repairs and custom-made performance boxes. Blackhorse Tyres use catalytic converters containing high quality ceramic

filters to ensure you get the maximum lifespan from the part. We offer both direct-fitting catalytic converts and universal catalytic converters that we canto fit modify any car. We provide a fast, efficient and friendly service.