Disc Brakes Repair and Replacement



One thing not to be taken for granted.



Whe inspecting disc brakes there are several components you need to check and ensure are working properly. Also, it is important to have checks to brakes

done at least twice a year and if you drive substantially more than the average worker’s commute, then you need to do it more often. Blackhorse Tyres

recomend that to help protect youand your passengers as well as help save money from damage, inspecting brakes is a vital part of vehicle maintenance and

must be done on a regular basis.

Brakes need to cool down before checking, to avoid burning injuries. These parts can get extremely hot and must be allowed to cool down for several hours

before maintenance can begin. The brake disc should be relatively shiny although it may also have small ridges. But this is quite normal. One of the Blackhorse

Tyres team will look for rough spots or irregular grooves developing on the brake disc. If these are visiblethen you will need a brake disc change to make sure

road safety is maintained.

It is not only brakes that need inspecting but the pads also. These can also be inspected on some vehicles through the rims but if it’s not clear then the wheel

will have to be removed to be sure. Most brake disc pads when new have approx 9-12 mm of friction material visible.  As long as there is still greater than 3 mm

of material showing all round the pad, your brake pads still have life in them. It’s also important to remember that vehicles can experience slight differences in

wear on each wheel, so ensure you check both sides thoroughly. If the material is 3mm or less then you need a brake change on your pads. Make sure to

change all disc Brake pads together, not just on one wheel.