Complete Computer Diagnostics



Accurately pin-pointing vehicle problems.



Complete computer diagnostics are computer-based systems that Blackhorse Tyres use to help assist there team with accurate pin-pointing

 vehicle problems. Modern passenger and fleet vehicles can monitor a vehicle’s performance such as emission related controls and performance

of the engine, and can detects malfunctions. Blackhorse Tyres can provide access to the health information of a vehicle and access to

numerous parameters and sensors from the Engine Control Unit (ECU). We can offer valuable information, including diagnostic trouble codes,

when troubleshooting problems.

Complete computer diagnostics can communicate with the vehicle and reads the diagnostic information from the it.All modern cars have

On-Board computers but communicating with the car's Engine Control Unit is something can only a experienced professional can deal with.

Potentially major problems like replacing a catalytic convertor which be an expensive replacement could be remedied ahead of time by identifying that

malfunctioning oxygen sensor may be at the start of the problem and in doing sowill save you money. Complete computer diagnostics can be very

benefited for smaller maintenance jobs such as engine control units to read and monitor engine parameter values in real time as they happen.